Run with Passion.

Have you ever set out to accomplish a goal?  There’s people who talk and then there are people who do it. What’s different about you and everyone else who has ever accomplished a goal?  Well… There’s this one guy who set out to run 293 miles across the Lebanon Mountain Trail.  He was going to … More Run with Passion.

Endless Perfection.

Perfection is… Your fine lines being exposed. When your strength is wrapped around each touch. When your long strides of confidence have purpose. When the sounds start to have a meaning. When there’s hope for a new beginning. When you stop looking for perfection. And when you start understanding that you are exactly what perfection … More Endless Perfection.

Go All In.

Fri.  “Dreams are nothing more than ideas (and opportunities) waiting to be executed.” ~thedailymollie  Maybe someone else said it before, but this is what I tell anyone that keeps putting themselves on hold. Go all in. 👌 Nothing else needed. Just effort. 

It Will Happen.

Tues.  You just have to believe that whatever you’re working on, as long as you’re working on it – IT will happen.  It may not be that perfectly divine moment, but I promise… It’s through failure, you get stronger.  It’s through criticism, you readjust.  It’s through judgment, you realize what’s best for you and only … More It Will Happen.


Fri.  I have noticed that many of us try to be great for everyone else. Especially as women. You try to be so great (at everything to everyone) in a way that it becomes almost ungratifying, self-defeating, and demotivating.  Then you may feel a level of guilt for not doing enough. So you fight this … More Contentment.